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August 23, 2022

Free EQ webinar - Communicate with Influence

Strategies for influencing people when you don't have the advantage of positional authority

Communicate with Influence

The digital age - along with COVID - has brought about a fundamental change in business-to-business communication.

B2B relationships now take place at every level in the business.

Purchasing research and decision-making are devolved to operational areas.

Success depends on your staff's ability to forge productive relationships.

These days, business relations is everybody's business.

This free webinar will cover:

  • The 4 steps to influence
  • How to build rapport quickly and effectively
  • Understanding and influencing thoughts and emotions
  • Tapping into the inner drivers of human behaviour
  • The power of transformational vocabulary in influence

What we will achieve...

  • A better understanding of the drivers of human behaviour and how to use these levers to influence others for positive change
  • Improved confidence to strengthen relationships with and influence stakeholders

GRC Solutions is proud to partner with EQ Strategist to bring you this occasional webinar

Our Presenter

Dominic Siow is the Founder and CEO of EQ Strategist, with a mission to help create empowering workplaces where people are inspired to be at their natural best. Prior to his present vocation, Dominic was a senior operations manager for IBM Australia and VP of Product Development at grapeVINE Technologies. Dominic specialises in culture transformation, leadership development, executive coaching and workshop facilitation. He is the author of the Amazon Best Seller What’s GREAT about this? How to be Resilient and thrive through disruption and change.

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