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November 17, 2021

Free Webinar - Monitoring ESG risks in your supply chains

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) are a big deal for business. We discuss what's involved in monitoring them.

Two trends are dominating headlines: climate concern and supply chain shortages. 

Organisations and nation states are being required to proactively pursue green (and more broadly, ESG) objectives. This is no simple matter in a globalised economy made up of billions of interconnected supply chains. 

Questions abound.

What is my organisation’s slavery footprint? How do I find where slavery is occurring in my supply chain? Is my investment portfolio linked to carbon intensive technology? What are my organisation’s carbon emissions – upstream and downstream? Is my business causing deforestation?

Fundamental to assessing any of these risks are more foundational questions.

What is my supply chain? Who are my suppliers’ suppliers’ suppliers etc? Can I determine that efficiently and at scale given the complexity of my business?

Kimberly Randle of Fair Supply will be familiar to our clients as the presenter of a number of well-received webinars and workshops in the past. In this free webinar, she addresses these questions and suggests practical ways that businesses can respond to these challenges. 

There will be time for questions during the webinar, but we invite questions in advance to bill.tarrant@GRCSolutions.com.au

GRC Solutions once again partners with Fair Supply to make this occasional webinar available to our clients.

FairSupply Logo

Employing super-computer assisted predictive analytics, Fair Supply’s proprietary technology enables organisations to map and identify ESG risks along the supply chain up to Tier 10.

Fair Supply has assessed over $300bn of spend data for ESG risks. Fair Supply will demonstrate their latest dashboard offering, which has been honed to provide the visibility and efficiency organisations are demanding in their efforts to move rapidly to supply chain transparency, sustainability and resiliency.

 About the presenter

Kimberly Randle, Fair Supply’s Executive Director and Principal Lawyer is an experienced and innovative human rights advocate and lawyer specialising in modern slavery. Kimberly played an instrumental role in both the formation of, and advocacy for, the passage of the NSW Modern Slavery Act and Commonwealth Modern Slavery Acts. Prior to co-founding Fair Supply, Kimberly held the role as Senior Director of Corporate and Legal for International Justice Mission Australia and worked at top tier law firms in both Australia and the United States. Kimberly appeared as an expert witness at both the NSW Legislative Committee Inquiry into Modern Slavery and the Commonwealth Joint Law Enforcement Committee Inquiry into Modern Slavery. Following the Parliamentary Inquires, Kimberly acted as a key liaison to the Australian Senate and NSW Legislative Committee in drafting of necessary provisions to combat the Online Sexual Exploitation of Children. In 2017 Kimberly was a finalist in the Women in Law Awards for Not For Profit Lawyer of the Year.

Resources Available

Fair Supply has released a report on How to prepare your next Modern Slavery Statement, to help your organisation prepare it’s next Modern Slavery Statement. It contains essential data-driven learnings derived from Fair Supply's extensive analysis of the first 1000 Australian Modern Slavery Statements.

GRC Solutions Resources

Modern Slavery Training (Australia)

A three module course covering an introduction to modern slavery, techniques for keeping it out of your supply chains, and complying with the Australian law Details here

Modern Slavery (Non Jurisdictional)

Two modules on identifying and preventing modern slavery Details here

Facilitated Learning for directors and officers Contact us to enquire

Consulting on your compliance systems Details here

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