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April 20, 2022

How GRC Solutions fosters a strong company culture

Team event – Champainting

The company culture is truly alive and flourishing at GRC Solutions.

Last Wednesday, the team packed up their work a bit earlier than usual and headed out for an activity that was thoughtfully planned and prepared by Laura and Tanya, two of our Content Team’s beloved publishing specialists. We collectively made our way to the Champainting art studio in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst for a “fun art, not fine art” experience.

The Champainting – Sydney crew provided the team with an engaging painting session in a safe and creative space, guided by talented senior lead artist Meg. The painting session was a first for many of GRC’s team, challenging them to try something fun and new.

Under Meg’s expert step-by-step instruction, every team member participated over champagne and snacks in a joyous painting class. And that was truly a beautiful sight. The resulting artworks – atmospheric representations of Mt Fuji that each team member was able to take home (or take back to the office) – were just the icing on the cake, souvenirs of wonderful team bonding experience that everyone had just shared in.

Was it worth finishing work early for a bit of painting?

Absolutely. The event was more than just about people producing artworks; it helped to reinforce our company culture.

At GRC Solutions, everyone knows there is a very strong connection between a thriving company culture on one hand and increased productivity and high-quality work on the other. As Jan Kuzel of Business 2 Community has noted:

“Positive company culture can pave the way for many beneficial impacts, from increased productivity to employee engagement, employee retention and overall employee wellbeing.”

GRC Solutions won the LearnXLive 2021 Platinum Award for Best Compliance Team. The award recognised our team’s innovative approach to developing Workplace Behaviours training. Traditional regulatory compliance training on workplace conduct tends to focus solely on preventing breaches and misconduct. GRC Solutions’ new course covers a breadth of workplace behaviours in a single narrative arc that extends from adverse behaviours that organisations should aim to prevent and discourage, such as bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment, to affirming behaviours that we can all aspire to – inclusive behaviours that embrace the diversity of the workforce, that foster respect and decency for one another and that have been proven to stimulate workplace productivity. These positive behaviours are grounded in a direct awareness of how recognising our various differences – actively listening to each other’s lived experiences – can enhance our work.

GRC Solutions’ team doesn’t just develop training on inclusive behaviours; we actively aspire to embody these behaviours.

The Importance of fun activities

That’s why our team takes fun activities like Champainting seriously: these events help team members to learn, bond and work together more efficiently. The fact that the business helped to sponsor the event increased staff engagement.

Moreover, who doesn’t need a break from work from time to time?

Maggie Wool of BetterUp has highlighted the importance of workplace culture:

“A LinkedIn survey reports that 47% of workers who are proud of their employer say it’s because their company has a positive culture. Importantly, these employees feel that they can be themselves at work.”

One of the many ways in which GRC Solutions promotes culture is through these effective team-building activities. These events are an essential piece of the puzzle that help to make GRC Solution’s creative culture so vibrant and enduring.  

It will come as no surprise that the team’s Champainting studio experience was very positive for all involved.

From one creative team to another: thank you to the Champainting staff for making our experience so special. You gave us more than just a fun Wednesday afternoon – you helped to remind us that we all have creative skills and ideas to bring to the table; that we can all benefit from thinking outside the box and outside the office occasionally; and that our diversity isn’t just a quirk of our company culture but a strength for us to cherish.

GRC Solutions’ Workplace Behaviours Course – details here

Course outline

•Module 1: Workplace bullying

•Module 2: Discrimination and sexual harassment

•Module 3: (Advanced) Bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment

•Module 4: (Advanced) Dealing with incidents and complaints

•Module 5: Diversity and inclusion

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