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April 5, 2022

Online Responsible Managers Workshops - May 2022

Our popular Financial Services Responsible Manager Workshops are back!

Liam O'Brien, GRC Solutions' Subject Matter Expert, delivers a series of short  Responsible Managers Continuing Professional Development virtual workshops for Australian Financial Services Licensees and Australian Credit Licensees.

ASIC RG 105.10 After you have an AFS licence, you must maintain your organisational competence at all times.

Each series will focus on the general obligations of Responsible Managers within the respective licensing regimes, the current and emerging regulator priorities in monitoring licensees’ compliance, and practical tips for maintaining productive regulator engagement.

Online Format

The virtual format offers several advantages, including

  • Less time out of the business for your responsible managers
  • No travel time
  • Contact free
  • Short, morning sessions, letting RMs get on with the rest of their day

Limited places available

Classes are kept small, allowing interactivity. We will be using Zoom Meetings.

What are the minimum continuing professional development standards for responsible managers?

AFS licensees must comply with organisational competence obligations under s912A(1)(e), Corporations Act. This means that although there is no prescribed minimum number of hours of CPD for AFS responsible managers, given that the organisational competence obligation is an ongoing obligation, your institution must still ensure that its responsible managers undertake continuing training so their knowledge and skills are kept up to date.

ACL licensees' responsible managers must undertake at least 20 hours of CPD each year (see RG 206.70 – RG 206.73.) This requirement is set out in the ACL conditions together with the requirement to keep a record of the CPD activities undertaken by responsible managers each year.

About your presenter

Liam O'Brien

Liam  O’Brien, Senior Consultant with GRC Solutions, will be familiar to  participants in our previous RM workshops.

Liam  is a highly regarded risk and compliance expert and workshop presenter. He  helps organisations develop a successful risk and compliance program by  converting a strategy into an operational program of work. Liam holds a  Master of Applied Finance and is currently a Responsible Manager of an AFSL,  company director and subject matter expert.

Timetable and Pricing

Please note: it is the licensee's obligation to determine relevance of CPD to their license conditions.

Further enquiries and to register

To purchase admission to these sessions, please visit our online shop here

For further information please email bill.tarrant@grcsolutions.com.au

Subscribers to the Compliance Services Package do not use this link

please email bill.tarrant@grcsolutions.com.au to register at subscriber preferred pricing.

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