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June 28, 2021

Working from home in 2021

What practical support do you and your team need right now?

In 2020 Australia came to terms with dealing with COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns. Now we are in 2021, and dealing with the next waves. Melbourne recently dealt with lockdowns in May, and now Greater Sydney has entered mandatory 2 week lockdown until July 9.

While these changes have happened quickly, their physical, mental, social and professional ramifications continue to be far-reaching.

Complimentary eLearning to help you and your team

GRC Solutions’ free short Working from Home e-learning courses are designed to help people adjust to all the ongoing changes to their workplaces and practices. These colourful, lively courses have been specifically written by our in-house team for the present moment.

Each course is under ten minutes long, helping learners to identify common problems they may experience and realise they are not alone, before outlining a range of effective practical tips.

The Working from Home suite takes a holistic approach to addressing the ongoing changes to our work and lives, fostering empathy and self-awareness.

Use these courses to upskill and prepare you and your team for what to expect, whether you’re heading back to the office or working from home, or worried what the Melbourne COVID outbreak might mean for the future.

To make this free training course available to your staff, please send an email to contactus@grcsolutions.com.au

  • The Home Office Environment
    The physical requirements for home-working
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
    The role we all have to play in supporting each other’s and our own mental health and wellbeing while working from home
  • Cyber Security
    Keeping data and technology safe, and practising good cyber hygiene       
  • Effective Communication
    Practical communication tips for while we are all working at home        
  • Staying Productive
    Staying productive and avoiding distractions at home         
  • Working from Home for Managers
    Empowering managers to lead and inspire while working remotely
  • Returning to the Office
    Staying safe, observing the rules and supporting each other as we return to work 

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