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Competition and Consumer Act Training Course
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Quick Glance
Course length (depending on module allocation*)
Employees from 15 to 25 minutes
Targeted roles from 35 to 60 minutes
Anyone who is involved in business transactions or external communication with customers, suppliers and the general public needs some understanding of competition and consumer law. The same rules apply to frontline staff and senior executives.
Short Overview
Competition and Consumer Act is one of our most popular courses. Our new course refreshes the training, making it even more accessible and succinct than ever – using plain English, practical examples and an engaging new visual design.

The Competition and Consumer Act (CCA affects every facet of your business and at all levels, from the sales and marketing teams to contractors engaged in individual projects. Pleas of ignorance, either from an employee who didn’t know about the law or from senior management claiming ignorance of employees’ actions, will fall on deaf ears in the event of a dispute.

Meeting your staff training obligations under the Competition and Consumer Act

*Our competition and consumer act course consists of the following modules:

✔️Introducing competition law
✔️Anti-competitive behaviour
✔️Advanced anti-competitive behaviour (part 1)
✔️Advanced anti-competitive behaviour (part 2)
✔️Product liability

Our Technology
Fully customisable

We can incorporate your branding, policies and other requirements into our courses.
Adaptive pre-test enabled

Our adaptive learning can assess learners’ current knowledge to focus the training solely on their knowledge gaps. This reduces training time and pushback from employees

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