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Basics of Banking

Course description

Banking in Australia is bewilderingly complex for new starters, particularly for young people whose main form of banking is via debit cards - this training is an introduction for new staff

What it’s all about, in a few easy lessons.

This course consists of short modules, timed to take less than 15 minutes, each focused on an area of banking knowledge that staff need to be familiar with. There are six modules: • Key Regulators • The Banking Business • Customer On-Boarding • Key Players in the Financial Services Sector • And two modules providing an introduction to customer management.

The modules have summative quizzes. Optionally, the quizzes can be presented at the beginning of each section, allowing learners to bypass areas where they can already demonstrate mastery, thus saving time and improving the learning experience. The modules include scenarios that provide a background to the material covered and its importance in day-to-day banking operations. Where relevant they also include Quick Facts Sheets that learners can download and keep as an aide memoire.

The training was written by our staff who have over thirty years' experience in the retail banking and customer contact sectors.

Who should do  this training?

The course is suitable for staff undergoing induction and ab initio training in a bank, credit union, building society or similar institution.

It would be great preparation for someone who is applying for a role with one of these businesses, or who is about to do work experience with one.

Course outline

  • Module 1: Key Regulators
  • Module 2: The Banking Business
  • Module 3: Customer On-Boarding
  • Module 4: Key Players in the Financial Services Sector
  • Module 5: Dealing with Customers
  • Module 6: How to Support Challenging Customers

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