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Business Continuity Management Training for Financial Services

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Course description

GRC Solutions offers customised elearning to train your staff and management on your Business Continuity Plan

APRA CPS 232 requires regulated entities to have programs in place for training and ensuring awareness of staff in relation to the organisation’s Business Continuity Management Plan

Despite the best risk prevention strategies, major disruptions can and do occur. Business continuity planning (BCP) is the process of creating systems of prevention and recovery to deal with these potential threats.

What is BCP Training?

It is essential that all your staff are aware of your business's Business Continuity Plan and understand the part they would be expected to play, should the plan be invoked. BCP training ensures that staff are aware of the plan, know where to look for details, and can action it and get it up to speed quickly and efficiently should the need ever arise, minimising disruption and the effect on your bottom line.

Customised Training

Every business is different, and every BCP is designed to reflect the requirements of the particular business.

GRC Solutions’ expert consultants will work with your business to craft training for your staff to ensure you maintain compliance with the CPS 232 training requirements. Our training will reflect the particularities of your BCP and present it to your people in an effective and engaging format.

Expertly designed  eLearning

We use case studies drawn from real life events, scenarios reflecting the policies and practices of your business, and formative and summative questions to reinforce learning.

Using our Salt® Adaptive platform, you can elect to allow trainees to bypass content where they can already demonstrate mastery, and concentrate on those areas where they need development. This not only saves the business time and money, it renders the learning experience enjoyable and challenging.

Contact us today for a discussion of your needs and to arrange a quote.

Typical course outline

The Course Outline below is a typical example of the way we organise this training. We may need to customise the outline to better reflect the way your business manages its BCP.

Contact us for a proposal and a quote

We will review your BCP documentation and develop a proposal for the creation of the BCP training your organisation needs

Course outline

Typical course outline

Module one: Business Continuity Planning (all staff)

·        Explain the main principles behind business continuity planning

·        Outline the crucial role business continuity planning plays in organisations

·        Identify the elements of Your Bank’s Business Continuity Policy

·        Describe how to participate in the process within your job role


Module two: Business Continuity Planning (for management)

·        Explain the role of management and the Board in the business continuity planning (BCP) process

·        Outline Your Bank’s obligations under APRA CPS232

·        Describe the responsibilities of the Business Continuity Team at Your Bank

·        Understand specific recovery strategies for different scenarios relevant to Your Bank’s Business Continuity Plan

Customisation Available!
Do you have a policy or process, or some subject-matter expertise that you would like to add to this course?

Talk to us about ways we can quickly tailor the course to suit your needs.

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