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Child Protection Training Course - Australia

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Course description

Child Protection Training Course - Australia

An overview of child protection laws in Australia with practical tips for compliance and effective child protection

Every child must be respected, cared for and kept safe at all times. While there are broad underlying principles for child protection, they are enforced by a range of different state, federal and international laws.

This child protection training course provides an overview of current child protection regulations in Australia. It explains who is responsible for child protection, who regulates it and what legal obligations are currently in place.

While all Australian states and territories have enacted mandatory reporting laws, the laws are not the same throughout Australia. Those who are obliged to report cases of suspected child abuse and neglect may range depending on the state or territory.

This course covers the process of mandatory reporting across all states and territories.

This child protection course also explains employment screening, including what legal duties are owed by both employers and employees who may come in contact with children as part of their day-to-day work.

Who is this training for?

This child protection training course is recommended for staff and volunteers who may be in contact with children as part of their day-to-day work, such as floor staff, security guards and council staff. It is also applicable for those involved with children as part of their business.

How often should you do child protection training course?

Child protection training course should be completed annually by all people dealing with children.

Our Salt® Adaptive feature makes refresher training simple and pleasurable - learners can be empowered to demonstrate proficiency in advance of sitting the training, and then be required only to undertake retraining in areas where they have not been able to demonstrate mastery. This not only makes training enjoyable and better-focused, with consequent improvement in staff engagement, it also has the potential to save your business many thousands of dollars in staff time each year.

Child Protection Training Course for Schools

GRC Solutions Child Protection course for schools specifically covers the strategies and practices that schools need to put in place to support child protection.

More details here.

Course outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to child protection course
  • Module 2: Identifying child abuse
  • Module 3: Mandatory reporting
  • Module 4: Child protection in leadership (managers and recruiters)

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