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COVID Risk Assessment

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Course description

COVID Risk Assessment

Essential training for staff and managers negotiating the move back to the office

The Fair Work Ombudsman encourages staff and businesses to work together to solve any issues that arise in negotiating a move back to the office.

For this to be handled successfully it is essential that staff and management have a very clear understanding of how to assess and address the risks that are involved in working under the pandemic.  

This training has two parts – one created to assist staff and the other for management.

Both parts clarify understanding of the risks associated with shared workplaces in the age of COVID and offer guidance on how to assess and navigate those risks.

The material for staff also sets out information about the legal requirements and obligations relevant to a return to the office, and offers suggestions where staff feel reluctance or anxiety.

The material for managers offers guidance about legal and best practice requirements around mandating return to the workplace or mandating vaccinations; about work health and safety issues; about privacy questions; about compensation issues; and about discrimination issues that may arise.

A Module in our Work Health and Safety Training

This course has been added to our Australian Work Health and Safety Training. Subscribers to that training will have access to this material at no extra cost. You can view our Work Health and Safety Training here.

Who is this training for?

The courses are suitable for all staff and all people managers in Australia. The principles the course sets out are equally relevant for staff and managers in other jurisdictions.  

Further Reading

Also see our recent article where we cover what businesses need to know about reopening safely and lawfully - here

Course outline

Module One: COVID Risk Assessment for General Employees   10 minutes

  • describe the challenges of working safely with COVID-19  
  • understand the requirements around returning to work, COVID-19 vaccinations and working safely
  • identify key risk assessment considerations for COVID-19 in the workplace  

Module Two: COVID Risk Assessment for Managers  10 Minutes

  • describe the challenges of working safely with COVID-19
  • highlight the laws and duties relevant to employers
  • describe the key issues surrounding vaccination and work  
  • explain the issues surrounding exemptions  
  • outline a risk-based approach for managing COVID risk  

Customisation Available!
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Talk to us about ways we can quickly tailor the course to suit your needs.

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