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Diversity and Equality for Schools - Australia

Course description

The costs of bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment affect us all.

What is bullying and what should you do if you see it occur in the school workplace? Where does flirting stop and harassment begin? Every staff member at your school needs to be aware of these types of issues because the consequences of unacceptable behaviour, left unmanaged, can be severe.

Bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment can cause major harm to the wellbeing of individuals, and the school workplace is no different to any other in this regard.

They can also incur heavy costs for organisations, including reputational damage, compensation orders and the costs of replacing staff who can no longer work in hostile environments.

This course explores the issues within the framework of Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws and anti-discrimination laws, with particular regard to the Australian schools environment

It offers strategies and avenues of support available to those who experience bullying, discrimination or harassment within the workplace.

Specific modules address the key concepts from the perspective of supervisors, team leaders and managers, and outline the appropriate steps for dealing with complaints. Finally, the course examines how all employees should use workplace resources ethically.

Who is this training for?

Diversity and Equality teaches employees to understand what bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment look like in the school, and to recognise the fine line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Management also receives invaluable training in dealing with potential problems.

Course outline

  • Module 1: Workplace bullying
  • Module 2: Discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Module 3: (Advanced) Bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Module 4: (Advanced) Dealing with incidents and complaints
  • Module 5: Ethical use of resources

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