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Course description

Salt eMarketing covers both the Spam Act and the eMarketing Code of Practice.

The Australian eMarketing Code of Practice and the Spam Act together govern Australian businesses’ electronic marketing activities. Failure to comply can incur hefty penalties and negative publicity.

The Spam Act applies to all Australian companies, no matter what their size. Therefore, all Australian organisations must ensure that employee use of email, Internet and other electronic resources is compliant with the Act.

Organisations that market goods and services through email or mobile telephony should consider carefully whether their activities are subject to the Code, revising policies as required and training their staff accordingly.

Who is this training for?

This course acts as both a guide and a reference point for employees participating in e-marketing or mobile marketing. Managers are provided with comprehensive reporting on the training activities.


Course outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to spam law
  • Module 2: Consent
  • Module 3: Requirements for commercial electronic messages
  • Module 4: Address-harvesting software and harvested-address lists
  • Module 5: Penalties

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