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ePayments Code

Course description

This suite of three courses provides training for banking staff on banks' responsibilities under the ePayments Code

The ePayments Code plays an important role in Australia in regulating consumer electronic payment transactions and facilities, providing a framework for protecting consumers and promoting confidence in electronic banking and the payments system.

The code imposes very detailed requirements on banks and similar institutions. Banking staff need to be familiar with these requirements in order to properly carr them out and reduce the bank's exposure to advers outcomes.

Who is this training for?

This training is suitable for customer-facing staff and for staff that handle complaints and inter-bank activies relating to epayments.

Khaldoun, who works in the banking industry, has rung you to complain about a transaction on his account which relates to an eBay purchase. He states that he made the purchase and transferred funds to pay for it using a VISA credit card issued by your institution, but that he never received the goods. He argues that, because no goods were received, the transaction was unauthorised and, as a subscriber to the ePayments Code, your institution is required to compensate him.
Is he right?

Course outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to ePayments
  • Module 2: Disputed ePayments
  • Module 3: Mistaken ePayments

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