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The Decisive board

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Course description

Monthly CPD training for directors and senior managers in Australian Mutual Banks and other Financial Services Businesses

Directors of Australian ADIs - banks, credit unions, building societies and the like - face a different set of requirements from those who serve on the boards of other sorts of businesses. And those who serve on the boards of mutual or customer-owned institutions have further, specialised requirements placed upon them by the regulators.

The Decisive Board has been created to assist these directors - and senior management - in developing and maintaining the requisite skills and knowledge. It is a monthly newsletter plus quiz (published 10 times per year) designed to assist directors and senior management fulfil their professional obligations and meet their professional development needs.


Each month's edition addresses a different, current topic relating to ADI governance. Recent editions have been

  • Credit Risk Management and the Board
  • Boards must effectively oversee compliance with AML/CTF obligations
  • Boards play a critical role in the oversight of cybersecurity risk
  • The need for effective Board oversight of governance, culture, remuneration, and accountability risks
  • Election, removal and resignation of directors: what do you need to  know for your AGM?
  • Effective board meetings and COVID-19

The quiz

The quiz (answers provided) is designed to be flexible in the way it is used: we know of some boards that work through the material before their regular meetings; and others where the directors work individually and submit their quiz answers to the training manager for assessment and feedback. There are other possibilities.

In GRC Solutions’ view, reading each edition of The Decisive Board and completing the quiz is equivalent to an hour’s CPD activity.

ADIs must ensure that their responsible persons maintain and update their knowledge, skills and expertise, including through regular training. Responsible persons may become ineligible to continue in their positions if they fail to satisfy the criteria for competency set out in 30(a) of CPS 520. - GRC Solutions Guide to financial institutions’ training obligations

Who should do this training?

This product provides relevant training for directors and senior managers of Australian ADIs, in particular, mutual banks.

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Course outline


The Decisive Board is published ten times per year, covering relevant, current issues in corporate governance for Australia ADIs

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