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Work Health & Safety

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Course description

Product Description

“Every worker owes a duty to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others at the workplace”

The nation’s work health and safety obligations

Australia’s work health and safety laws have come a long way since commencing in 2012. Based on Victorian legislation, they have since been adopted by most states and territories. Western Australia has committed to applying the essential features of the harmonised laws to their own regime. This makes compliance training in these laws critical to understanding our work health and safety obligations nationwide.

Our Work Health and Safety (WHS) course applies to learners around Australia. It addresses the essential elements of the harmonised laws that all states and territories have in common, while also explaining where the Victorian and Western Australian laws differ.

The course covers all the duties and important things you and your staff need to know about the law – from a legal as well as from a practical perspective. It also places these duties and obligations in context by outlining who enforces the laws, and how.

Every worker has a duty of providing reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others in the workplace. They can also play a role in identifying, reducing or removing work health and safety risks. This course ensures that everyone can train in their relevant legal obligations wherever they are in the country.

News! WHS in Western Australia

After a long consultation process and several years of discussion, Western Australia has harmonised its Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws with the national model WHS laws and adopted new industrial manslaughter provisions.

The laws came into effect on 31 March 2022, imposing new duties and obligations on workers and businesses, and introducing penalties for failing to comply. It is essential for anyone carrying on business in Western Australia to familiarise themselves with these laws.

GRC Solutions has updated our WHS courses, including WHS and WHS for Schools, to capture this update, meaning that our course caters to the latest legislative reforms that apply to learners and businesses based in Western Australia.

This update will already appear seamlessly in off-the-shelf course versions. There is no requirement for learners to re-sit this course but please consult your legal counsel for advice tailored to your circumstances

COVID Risk Assessment

We have released a two-module set of training to assist staff and management in negotiating a return to the office. Some business are eager to return staff to the office full-time, and some staff are equally eager to comply. Other businesses and staff have different views.

In order for this to be successfully negotiated, both staff and management need a clear understanding of the risks and the legal and practical considerations that apply. This training provides them with the necessary knowledge.

The COVID Risk Assessment Training is bundled with this Work Health and Safety training - subscribers will have access to the new material at no extra charge.

More information on the COVID Risk Assessment Training

Who should do this training?

This course provides all employees with critical safety training to prevent incidents, develop an appropriate workplace culture and minimise the risk of prosecutions and claims.

It is designed to cater for a diverse audience and all levels of staff. We therefore have generic modules aimed at all employees and some specific to senior management.

Course outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to WHS
  • Module 2: Workers’ obligations and rights
  • Module 3: Duties of PCBUs
  • Module 4: Compliance and enforcement measures
  • Module 5: Duties of officers
  • Module 6: Other parties

Customisation Available!
Do you have a policy or process, or some subject-matter expertise that you would like to add to this course?

Talk to us about ways we can quickly tailor the course to suit your needs.

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